My simpleshow is a free online video creator that allows you to easily make explainer videos.
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Click on the picture to go to mysimpleshow for some examples.
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Task #1: Click on the website above and choose the link to create an account.

Task #2: Click create a new video, give it a name, and click write your own script. You can choose your own topic to practice or consider summarizing your favorite movie for practice.

Task #3: Click the educational tab to find a storyline framework that meets your video topic. If you are making a video about your favorite movie, choose the summarize storyline. Go through the steps provided to create your own video.

Terms: Users must create a mysimpleshow account and must be 13+.
Classroom ImplicationsTeachers can create videos that explain a mathematical formula or a science topic. Older students can create their own videos to demonstrate understanding of a concept taught in class. The tool provides a storyline for students to follow in order to write out in words and then use pictures to explain a topic. The tool provides a short video tutorial before each step to help users use my simpleshow.

Home and School Connection
Teachers can create videos for parent use about classroom rules, showing what the classroom looks like, or how to access assignments on a class web page.

Other ResourcesHow to create an explainer video on my simpleshow

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