my StoryMaker is free tool that allows you to work with cartoon characters to create a story. You have the power to decide - choosing characters, taking them on adventures and creating your very own story along the way. my StoryMaker can create sentences for you or you can enter your own words. Once you are done with your story, you can print it out or share with friends and family.

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Task #1: Click on the link above to go to the my StoryMaker page. Once you are there, click on Play my StoryMaker and then Click to Begin on the book cover. Create a story about your summer vacation or your first week of school.

Terms: No account creation required for use.
Classroom Implications

my StoryMaker allows students to create a story using cartoon characters with actions, objects, and scenery. Younger students can add objects and characters while the sentences are filled in for them. Older students can type in the story first and go back to animate later. Stories can then be viewed and returned to by using a magic code. They can also be shared, downloaded, or printed. Although stories can be saved, the author does do have the ability to go back and edit once the story has been ended.

Students can be given a writing prompt and use my StoryMaker to develop their writing and creativity skills. The tool can also be used to create a whole class story with all students contributing.

Home and School Connection

Students can share their stories with parents, grandparents, etc. by sending an email once the story is complete or by sharing the magic code. The tool is easy to use and the web address can be shared with parents to encourage creativity and writing practice at home.

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