eduCanon is free tool that allows educators to make videos interactive. Educators can create bulbs to embed questions with explanations throughout a YouTube, Vimeo, Schmoop, or TeacherTube video.
eduCanon is now known as PlayPosit.

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Although the video still shows eduCanon, the functionality is the same and then some.

Task #1: Click on the link above to go to the PlayPosit home page. Create a free account or sign in with your Google or Edmodo account.

Task #2: Use a video you have saved or find a video about a topic your students are studying. You can search the PlayPosit online catalog as well.

Task #3: Use the tutorial available once you have started designing a bulb to view the steps for creating. Add at least 3 questions to your video with at least one answer explanation in each.

Terms: Users must be 13+. Students are required to create an account, but can use a username instead of an email address to do so. Teachers can give parents privcay policy for those under 13 - see guidelines here
Classroom Implications
Teachers can use PlayPosit to support a flipped classroom. You can embed questions at certain points during a video to increase engagement and check for understanding. Bulbs can be shared with students using a link. Students can create accounts and specific bulbs can be assigned to individual students to support differentiation. The monitoring tab allows teachers to see which students need additional support in real-time and can be used during the formative assessment process. Teachers can find videos to use on YouTube, Vimeo, Schmoop, or TeacherTube. You can also create your own videos and publish to YouTube or keep in your Google Drive to use with PlayPosit.

Home and School Connection

PlayPosit bulbs can be completed outside of class time in order to increase the home and school connection. Assign some bulbs for completion over the summer in order to help fight "summer loss." Encourage parents to complete bulbs as well to help foster communication of what is happening in the classroom.

Additional Resources
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