Dotstorming takes the process of brainstorming and dot voting online to allow groups of people to collaborate on a topic.
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Task #1: Click here to access a practice dotstorming board
and add your own suggestions for communication and
collaboration tools.

Task #2: View the other cards and make a comment on at least one.

Task #3: Vote for a tool you are interested in using.

Terms: Teacher creates account to set up a board.
No account creation required for students to post to a board.
Classroom ImplicationsStudents can brainstorm collaboratively on a variety of topics. They can compare an contrast ideas from a selected reading, or suggest discussion topics that everyone can then vote on. Students can ask questions and answer others or share ideas.

Administrative ImplicationsAdministrators can use dotstorming to get feedback from teachers and students about specific topics or ideas for the school. Participants can then vote for what they find most interesting.

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