Wiggio is the easiest free way to collaborate with groups of people. With Wiggio you can:
  • Host virtual meetings and online conference calls
  • Create to-do lists and assign tasks
  • Send email, text, and voice messages
  • Manage events with a shared calendar
  • Poll your group in real time
  • Upload and manage files in a shared folder
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Website: www.wiggio.com
Task #1: Click here to go to the Wiggio site and click on the Take a Tour or Test Drive for a demonstration.

Task #2: Create your own Wiggio account and group and invite people to join.

iPad Users: Click here for the Wiggio app.
Classroom Implications
Students and teachers can use Wiggio to collaborate on projects, case studies, labs, study groups, or class initiatives. Students can create their own group and assign tasks to each other in order to keep projects on a timeline.

Administrative Implications
Administrators may find Wiggio useful to communicate with groups that are collaborating on different local or state initiatives.

Other Resources
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