Vocaroo is an web-based voice recording tool that allows you to share recordings on the web, through email, or download.
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Website: https://vocaroo.com/
Task #1: Click on the link above to go to the Vocaroo website. Record your thoughts about how you might use this tool in your classroom.

Task #2: Try a few different options for sharing your recording such as emailing it to yourself, downloading a copy and saving to your Google drive, or create a QR code.

Terms: No account creation required.
Classroom ImplicationsVocaroo can be used for teachers to provide students with verbal formative feedback about assignments. Students can practice reading fluency in English or other languages as well. It can also be used for students to explain a topic or a reading. It has a QR code function so students can share their recordings with a QR code. Students can also download a copy of their recording and store it in a Google drive or on their computer.

Home and School ConnectionTeachers can create quick voice recordings to explain a topic or directions to parents. It can also be used for students to share what they are learning with their parents by emailing their voice recording.

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