is a note-taking tool that synchronizes with videos and connects directly to Google Drive.
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Task #1: Click on the link above and connect with your Google Drive.

Task #2: Add a link for a video from YouTube about a topic your students are studying.

Task #3: Practice taking notes. Go back and click on your notes so the video rewinds to each point in your notes.

Terms: Users must connect with their Google Drive account.
Classroom allows students to take time-stamped notes while watching a video. The notes can then be used to review certain sections of a video. Students can click on a note which will then take them to that exact place in the video. This is a great tool for students to review a video and also to be able to share their notes with you. Teachers can create a flipped video lesson and then have students share their notes through Google Drive. A teacher can also create notes about a video and then share them with students.

Home and School Connection
This tool can be a good way to share with parents what is happening in the classroom in terms of a flipped video lesson. You can create notes about a topic with a video you are studying and class and share with parents so they can be involved with their students learning.

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