Vialogues provides a space for people to hold meaningful and dynamic time-stamped discussions about videos.
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Task #1: Create an account at Edlabs in order to comment on existing Vialogues.

Task #2: Watch the sample Vialogue about using video in the classroom which is embedded on the right.

Task #3: Read other comments and post your own as you watch the video.

Terms: No login required to watch. Login required to add comments.
Classroom ImplicationsVialogues allows students to have interactive collaboration while watching a video. It can be used to develop flipped lessons where students watch the video and add comments for discussion which can then be reviewed during class. Vialogues can also be used during class and for differentiated lessons. You can use the same video and add different questions or places for required responses.

Home and School ConnectionCreate Vialogues to preview new material for flipped lessons or as a review that parents can watch at home with students. You can create your own videos and upload them for use in the tool which can help parents better understand current learning topics.

Other ResourcesHelp Guides from Vialogues

Sample Vialogue

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