TwistedWave is a web-based audio editor. It can be used to both record and edit audio files without the need for a software install.
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Task #1: Click on the link above to go to the TwistedWave website and click New Document to start a recording.

Task #2: Click the record button in the pop up window and allow the site to access your microphone. Record a short bio about yourself.

Task #3: Use the editor to delete any silent parts or test out the available sound effects. Share your finished recording with your Google Drive.

Terms: No account creation required, however files will not be saved once they are closed. They can be downloaded prior to closing the window.
Classroom ImplicationsTwistedWave can be used for teachers to provide students with verbal formative feedback about assignments. Students can practice reading fluency in English or other languages as well. It can also be used for students to explain a topic or a reading. Recordings can be saved to a Google Drive or SoundCloud account.

Home and School ConnectionTeachers can create quick voice recordings to explain a topic or directions to parents. It can also be used for students to share what they are learning with their parents.

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