With Tricider your team will make decisions faster without meetings or calls. Innovative solutions arise because everyone can contribute ideas and vote. Whether with friends or students: taking advantage of all the opinions and ideas to find the best solution has never been easier.
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Website: www.tricider.com
Task #1: Click here to access a practice Tricider and respond. Use the middle column to add your pros or cons to the argument. Then, vote on the idea you like best. Play with all three functions.
Task #2: To see how simple Tricider really is, create your own by clicking here.

Task #3: Modify the date/time settings, and experiment with your new Tricider's functionality.

Terms: No account creation required for use.
Classroom Implications
Tricider provides students not only a platform for answering questions but also a method for them to discuss their classmates' responses. They can provide a plus/delta response along with a rationale. Then, students can vote on ideas.

Administrative Implications
Similar to classroom use, administrators can pose questions, collect responses from stakeholders, and stakeholders can discuss responses while providing their plus/delta remarks. Finally, stakeholders can vote on the ideas posed.

Other Resources
Embedding a Tricider question into your wiki or blog is easy. Just click on the EMBED button below the question and answer space to add a widget into your own space. Your students won't even have to leave your class page to contribute to the conversation.

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