TitanPad is a free tool for collaborative writing on a single document. There is no need to sign up or sign in to create a public pad. You may start writing instantly! You may create a private pad by signing up for a free account. Changes to the document are color-coded based on contributors and are made in real time. Up to 8 authors may work on one TitanPad. There is also a chat window so authors may further collaborate as they write. TitanPad is the new version of EtherPad.

Compatible with: laptop 123.PNG, ipad icon final.PNGand chromebook.jpg

Titan Pad.PNG

Task #1: Click on the link above to go to the TitanPad page. Create a new pad by clicking the "Create Public Pad" button. Make note of the URL if you wish to access this pad in the future.

Task #2: Pick the color you would like to use for editing. Hover over the colored square until the palette appears. Type your name in the box to the right of the color you chose. Now it's time to create. Either start typing on the pad or import a document.

Task #3: Invite other users by clicking on the "invite" link or share the pad with others by clicking on the "share this pad" link. In either case, copy and paste link or send an email invitation. Now others can collaborate with you!

Terms: No account creation required for use.
Classroom ImplicationsTitanPad has many possibilities for classroom use. Teachers could use it to quickly brainstorm with students, model note-taking, or create check lists for projects. Teachers could start the process and small groups could finish it. Students may use TitanPad to create their own check lists for group work or work together on a project. Students and teachers may write, edit, and revise together. For example, students could create study guides together.

Home and School Connection

Students could easily share the URL with their families, allowing families to support student work. Students could import a document at school, edit the document at home, with feedback from peers, and continue to work on the document at school the following day. Families may write, edit, and revise a text together. For example, students and adults could write collaborative book reviews.

Additional Resources

TitanPad Tutorial: http://www.slideshare.net/sandracosta0/titan-pad-tutorialLonger Tutorial including Private Spaces: http://youtu.be/WYBokId3wA0How You Might Use TitanPad in the Classroom - 21centuryedtech.wordpress.comTitanPad Help - http://titanpad.com/ep/pro-help/TitanPad Blog - http://blog.titanpad.com/

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