Thinglink is a free tool that allows you to take an image and turn it into an interactive graphic. Be creative and make your images come to life with music, video, text, and more! Every image contains a story and Thinglink helps you tell your stories.
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Task #1: Create a free account at the Thinglink site by
clicking here.

Task #2: Click on the Featured graphics to explore the possibilities.

Task #3: Click create to start making your own interactive graphic.
Classroom Implications
Thinglink can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom by teachers or students. Here are some examples:
  • Create an interactive report
  • Use Thinglink to describe vocabulary with pictures and links
  • Create interactive images around historical events using differnt forms of media
  • Map data
  • Use a piece of artwork and allow students to post comments
  • Record audio with a free Soundcloud account and add it to images in Thinglink
  • Add multimedia to a Wordle
  • Allow students to create a Thinglink to answer an essential question at the end of a unit

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