Stupeflix is a free online video creator that can be used to create longer videos. Users can upload video clips, photos, text, and maps and use themes to create customized videos.
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Task #1: Create a free educator by clicking this link

Task #2:Create a video using pictures of your students working in your classroom to advertise your class to parents.

Terms: Users must be 13+. Create an educator account to invite students using email addresses or register your school's domain.
Teachers can watch videos created by their students without having to make the videos public.
Classroom ImplicationsStupeflix works like Animoto but allows you to create much longer videos and allows you to upload photos and videos. Students can use this tool to create a video book trailer to demonstrate major plot lines or characters using photos they take or drawings they create. Stupeflix has maps available so students could create a tour of a significant area using them along with photographs. Students could also use this tool to create a stop motion video to demonstrate understanding of a certain topic.

Administrative ImplicationsStupeflix is a great way to take photographs of students throughout the year and create an end of year video of accomplishments. Administrators could also use this tool to highlight exciting things that are happening at the school in order to advertise success.

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