Soapbox is a free chrome extension that allows you to record, edit, and share videos online.
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Task #1: Click on the website above and choose the link to add the Soapbox extension to Chrome. You should be using the Chrome browser.

Task #2: Once you have installed the extension, you can click on the blue video camera icon in the upper right hand corner of your Chrome browser window to start recording.
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Task #3: Press the stop button and view your video. You can edit and everything is saved in a Wistia account.

Terms: Users must create a Wistia account and must be 13+.
Classroom ImplicationsSoapbox allows you to record online using their computer's camera and microphone. Teachers or students can record their face, their screen, or both and then edit the video. Students and teachers can share explanations of topics you are learning about such as how to solve a math problem or how to search for something online. Students can create storyboards and then record their screen or images they have drawn. Students can demonstrate their understanding of a topic by explaining in a video. Teacher can give directions about how to access online assignments or to navigate a certain website.

Home and School Connection
Teachers can create videos for parent use about classroom rules, showing what the classroom looks like, or how to access assignments on a class web page.

Other Resources
Soapbox Help Guides
Soapbox Complete Tutorial Video

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