Prezi is a tool to share ideas, present work, and persuade in an engaging and visual way. Prezi provides a fresh outlook on traditional slideshow presentations. The use of one big canvas and zoom function both allow for emphasis on small ideas as truly being part of the whole. Viewers can see the whole story on one page, unlike the many slides of a PowerPoint. Prezi allows the author to insert images, videos, and other media to enhance the presentation.
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Task #1: Click here to register for a free account.

Task #2: Click the "Create" button, and begin the process of building your first Prezi. Be sure to explore the many templates, fonts, color schemes, options for content, and path options.

iPad Users: Click here for the Prezi app available in the iTunes store.

Classroom Implications
Both teachers and students can use Prezi to convey a message, demonstrate understanding of a concept, persuade others, and capture information for a variety of purposes. Prezi encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity as well as organization.

Students who use Prezi to develop presentations must use a variety of 21st century skills to design and create an effective presentation. Check out this student-developed Prezi below. Note the embedded video, photos, and multi-layered format.

More Information
Click here to get inspired by exploring the featured Prezis.

Learn more about how to use Prezi in the classroom by clicking here.

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