Popplet is free tool that allows users to visualize ideas. Teachers and students can create mind maps, graphic organizers, timelines, and many other forms of visual organization. Popplet allows users to add images, videos, and even draw inside a popple and can be used collaboratively by sharing email addresses.

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Website: http://popplet.com/
Task #1: Click on the link above to go to the my Popplet page. Create a free account by clicking sign up for free.

Task #2: Click on the public popplets tab to review some examples of how popplet can be used to create mind maps.

Task #3: Start your own Popplet about how you might use this tool to enhance critical thinking skills in your classroom.

Terms: Users must 13+ to create an account.
Classroom Implications
Students can create mind maps using Popplet in order to brainstorm around a variety of topics and collaborate with their peers. It can be used to create a timeline around historical events. Elementary teachers can prepare a Popplet with images or words and allow students to arrange them in order to make connections. It can also be used for students to summarize something they read or what they learned during a lesson. Teachers might also use it as a tool to introduce a new topic in a visual way.

Home and School Connection

Popplets can be shared online, exported as PDFs, or printed in order to share visual mind maps at home. Challenge students to create a collaborative Popplet with someone at home about chores or family history to practice brainstorming and organizing thoughts.

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