is a free service that takes links from your tweets or the tweets from people you follow on Twitter and organizes them into a virtual paper for easy reading. makes it incredibly simple to create your very own online news source! Read A Newspaper of Tweets? to learn more. You can even use with Facebook.
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Task #1: Check out the featured tweetpapers by clicking on the three Papers to Check Out at right.

Task #2: Click here to create your own account using either your Twitter or Facebook account.
Classroom Implications
Use to create a tweetpaper for your students on a concept, topic, or unit. Tweetpapers remain in archive, so you can revisit old editions at any time.

Allow students with Twitter accounts to create tweetpapers based on concepts, topics, or units. Have them justify their choices of articles, webpages, videos, songs, photos, etc. Ask them to create other students' tweetpapers.

Did you know that several tweeters can collaborate on one paper? lends itself to 21st century collaboration and communication.

Administrative Implications
If all of your tweets are captured in a daily paper, the link can be sent to teachers in your building or even parents. With a built in toolbar to add any website to your next edition to, you can customize a paper on your topic(s) of choice.

Papers To Check Out
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Edutopia Daily

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