Moovly allows users to create animated instructional videos like a pro. You can use supplied content and themes or upload your own in an easy to use editor.
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Task #1: Go to the Moovly site and create a free account.

Task #2: Create a video that explains a specific topic your students will be studying in the next few weeks. Use the video as an introduction, or hook, to get students engaged.

Terms: Users must be 13+ or the account is created and approved by a parent.
Classroom ImplicationsStudents can use Moovly to create a Common Craft style video to explain a topic or procedure to viewers. The whiteboard and marker features allows students to demonstrate their understanding of a topic or to instruct others. Students could use this tool to explain the procedures used during a science lab experiment or in solving a math problem. Teachers can use it to flip their classroom and provide instruction to students prior to class time.

Administrative ImplicationsAdministrators can use Moovly to introduce themselves in a unique way to parents or teachers by creating a video about their professional experience. They can also use it to share school procedures with teachers or students or to explain an upcoming event.

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