Intel's Visual Ranking Tool is a pathway into deeper conversations. When children are asked to explain their choices and consider why others may disagree with their choices, they are thinking critically!

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Intel's Visual Ranking Tool
Task #1:
Create an account with Intel Education, or sign in to an existing account by clicking here.

Task #2:
Create a new project. Name and describe your project. Develop the question your students will be asked. List the items you want students to sort. Click "submit" to move to the next step.

Task #3:
Search the media library for images by typing key words, or tags, into the "Tag Filter" search bar. Click on the tag to bring up all the images with that tag. When an item appears, drag it over to the placeholder icon on the appropriate bar in your list of items to place it into the project.


Upload an image to your library inside the tool by clicking on "Manage Image Library" at the bottom of the page. Upload an image saved on your device. If you want to add multiple images, click "Add New Image." Tag the image and save it. Use the tag to search for your image as in Task #3.
Classroom Implications"The Visual Ranking Tool can be used at any stage of a learning project. As a pre-activity or pre-assessment, it helps students discuss their prior knowledge and identify the things that they need to research or study further. As a mid-unit activity, it helps put new learning in a context that will be more useful in the next activity or phase of the unit. At the end of a unit, Visual Ranking may be used to assess or reflect on learning."
From Intel Education

Home and School ConnectionThis tool is about generating criteria. Parents could ask their children to explain why the child prefers one item over another at home to reinforce developing and articulating criteria.

Additional Resources
Tip: If you reuse a tag, when you search for images by tag, all the images with the same tag appear. For example, if you tag all the images for an inventions project with the tag, "invention," every item you tagged with "invention" will appear in your search results. This may cut down on the amount of time it takes to find the images you want for a particular project.
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Instructional Strategies for the Visual Ranking Tool
Visual Ranking Tool App for iOS and Android
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