Intel's Showing Evidence Tool is a way to scaffold thinking about evidence by asking students to evaluate the source of the evidence, the strength or weakness of evidence, and how evidence supports or undermines claims.

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Intel's Showing Evidence Tool
Task #1:
Create an account at Intel Education by clicking here.

Task #2:
Create a new student project.

Task #3:
Set up Initial Student Work space with as much (or as little) scaffolding as needed, working from evidence to claim.
Classroom Implications"The tool provides a visual framework to make claims, identify evidence, evaluate the quality of that evidence, explain how the evidence supports or weakens claims, and reach conclusions based on the evidence. This thinking tool supports activities where students debate differences, make and defend decisions, and analyze conflicting information."
From Intel Education. The skills listed above align with Common Core Anchor Standards in Reading, Writing, and Speaking & Listening.

Home and School Connection"The tool and related resources are available for free, from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Students may work on their claims and evidence at home or at school, and can be paired with another team to review their ideas." (Intel Education). As such, this tool could be used as part of a flipped lesson.

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