Google Sites is free tool for creating classroom websites, student e-portfolios, and websites for assigned projects. The integration with other Google apps allows users to easily insert videos, docs, spreadsheets, presentations, photo slide shows, and calendars.

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Task #1: Google Sites requires a free gmail account. If you do not have a gmail account, create a free one here - Gmail.

Task #2: Visit the Google sites page and once you are logged in, click create to make a new web page.

Task #3: Start by creating a class web page. Try out the different features listed under the insert menu option under the headings of common, gadgets, and google.
Classroom Implications
Students can use Google Sites to create digital portfolios to feature their work or collaborate on group projects. They can use it to present findings on a particular research subject and include any docs, presentations or various other multimedia items they have created. Teachers can use Google Sites to create a class web page where they can host various classroom resources including videos, images, slides and audio recordings. They can use a site for posting homework, assignments, and class events from Google calendar. A site can be used like a wiki where students can work collaboratively on various assignments.

Home and School Connection
Google Sites can be shared to anyone with a link or as a public web page for anyone to view allowing students to share work at home or to work on collaborative projects when they are not at school. Teacher web pages can be used to communicate classroom information and work sample to parents.

Additional Resources
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