GoSoapBox is a web-based clicker tool for gathering feedback using polls, discussions, quizzes and social Q&A. Staff members or students can respond using a laptop, tablet, or phone.

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Website: http://www.gosoapbox.com/

Task #1: Click on the link above to go to GoSoapBox and create a free teacher account.

Task #2: Click create on the dashboard to create a new event. Create a poll for your next staff meeting.

Task #3: From your event dashboard, click manage this event to explore the various features that can be enabled or disabled.

Terms: No account creation required for use.
Classroom Implications
Teachers can use the quiz feature to help students review material for a test or as part of the formative assessment process during a unit. Although a login is not required, teachers can choose whether students must enter a name or not for an event. The discussion feature can be used to gather opinions or to ask questions that a teacher can go back and answer later. Teachers can also use the confusion meter to determine student understanding during a lesson.

Administrative Implications
GoSoapBox can be used as a real-time feedback tool during staff meetings or professional development sessions. You can also use it to have a discussion with a group outside of school hours.

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