Edmodo is an online platform that allows teachers and students to stay connected and share resources. It is a safe and secure social networking and microblogging tool.
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Website: www.edmodo.com
Task #1: Go to the Edmodo site and review the features available by clicking here.

Task #2: Review the links and videos in the other resources section to learn how others are using Edmodo in the classroom.

Task #3: Create a free teacher Edmodo account by clicking here.

iPad Users: Click here to link to the free Edmodo App in the iTunes store.
Classroom Implications
Teachers can create groups or classes for students. After giving students a code, they create their own
Edmodo account to join a class. Teachers can use Edmodo as a place to assign work and for students to turn it in. Teachers can post alerts, notes and calendar reminders. They can conduct a poll or share grades with students. Students can participate in online discussions, communicate with their teacher, or view grades.
Students have access to a digital backpack where they can save files, virtually replacing a flash drive.
Both students and teachers can share files, notes, links, and resources with each other.

Edmodo also integrates well with other Web 2.0 tools. You can embed a Padlet wall in the notes section to create a brainstorming session. Teachers can post Animoto videos or Glogster posters in the notes area, then have students
reply to at least 3 separate posts to give peer to peer feedback.

Administrative Implications
Edmodo includes a parent connection. Every student is assigned a parent code so that parents can connect
with the teacher on Edmodo, see grades, and check posts to the class by the teacher and their child.
Teachers can also use the connections within Edmodo to create a Personal Learning Network, search for lessons and resources from other teachers, and share some of their own.

Other ResourcesActivities and Tips from the Edmodo blog
Educators from around the world share how they use Edmodo
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Edmodo Frequently Asked Questions

Edmodo in the Classroom Prezi

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