“We do not learn from experience...we learn from reflecting on experience.”-John Dewey

Activity: Activating Prior Knowledge: 1-2-3

Part One
  • I will give you a number, either one, two or three.
  • Individually, respond on a note card to the question that corresponds with your number.
    1. What is your definition of activating prior knowledge?
    2. Why is activating prior knowledge important?
    3. What are some strategies that can be used to activate prior knowledge?

Part Two
  • Find someone else in the room so that you're in a group with a one, two, and a three.
  • Share your response to the questions, and then respond to each other by acknowledging agreements, and adding thoughts on the importance of activating prior knowledge and adding any activities that may not be represented.

Part Three
  • Group share.

Activating Prior Knowledge

Activity: Activating Strategies for Reading Comprehension

You will be assigned a group number at your table. Click the corresponding link
and complete the activating strategy and the reading. Then, fill out the Google
form and choose one group member to speak to your strategy.


Courtesy of Steven W. Dengler

Collaborative Thought: A Tool to Sharpen Learning

Questions for discussion:
  1. What are some of the strategies, familiar or new, that the teacher is using to activate prior knowledge?
  2. How does her grouping of students help them prepare for the lesson?
  3. What foundations may have been laid prior to this lesson?


Activating Strategies
Increasing Comprehension by Activating Prior Knowledge
Activating Prior Knowledge

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