Highly-effective school-based administrators all share many of the same qualities. This half-day training is based on the article "7 Habits of Highly Effective Tech-Leading Principals"



The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tech-Leading Principals
What makes a great 21st century principal?
Article: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tech-Leading Principals
Inspiring Innovation
"If we're not trying new things, we're not learning." - Eric Sheninger
Activity: Penzu

iPad Alternative: My Tymz
Fostering Collaboration
"If the adults in the building aren't collaborating with each other and having open conversations using tools like Twitter, then it's not going to translate down to our students." - Patrick Larkin
Activity: Twitter

Video: Eric Sheninger's Story

Blog Post: "All a Twitter about Education"

Article: The A-Z Dictionary of Educational Twitter Hashtags

Video: What is #Edchat?

Alternate Activity

Connected Principals: Community and Resources for principals

The Educator's PLN: Digital Discussion Forum with more than 9000 principals

Administrators Discussion Group at Edutopia

edweb.net: Connect with Colleagues in Education

ASCD EDge: A Professional Networking Community for Educators
Being Open to New Ideas
"It's the principal's job to get everybody in the school involved and invested in a new vision for the school and to demonstrate to them that their input is valued." - Lyn Hilt
Video: Skype Explained Visually

Video: Skype in Education

Video: Kara Cornjeo Describes her Global Weather Project

Website: Skype an Author Network
Being a Connected Learner
"If I can pinpoint the catalyst for all the change and transformation that's taken place in my school, none of it happened until I became a connected learner." - Eric Sheninger
Article: Modern Education Leadership from a High School Principal

Article: Best 100 Classroom Web 2.0 Tools by Edudemic

Interactive Slideshow: 2011 Best 100 Tools for Learning by Center for Learning and Performance Technologies
Locating and Providing Adequate Resources
"When you speak with tech-leading principals, they will tell you that it's not fundamentally about the technology. It's about the technology supporting what the learning goals are." - Patrick Larkin
Website: Free Tech for Teachers

Resource: Delicious

Video: Delicious Stacks

Resource / Video: Diigo
Risk Taking
"There has to be a concerted effort on the part of the principal to allow the faculty to believe that risk-taking is ok." - Eric Sheninger
Activity: Lino.it

Activity: Tricider Question / Response

Resource: 10 Things you can do to be an Ed Tech Star this Summer
Having a Visionary Focus
"We have to model how to use these tools appropriately, how to have a positive digital footprint, and this is all part of the new literacy." - Lyn Hilt


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