The overarching question of this session is: How can we move toward developing classrooms that are more student-centered, collaborative, inviting, engaging, and aligned with real-world situations?

During the course of this training, we will explore the elements of the 21st century classroom and discuss ways to create a contemporary classroom that engages and challenges students.

Beginning with the End in Mind

Describe the Culture of the 21st Century Classroom?

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The Model Classroom is a nationwide community of educators working together to develop strategies to extend and recognize the learning that takes place outside the classroom. It begins with a professional development workshop where educators are invited to carefully examine and describe their own teaching practice. They then consider how that practice would change if their students were required to identify solutions to authentic problems.

Activity: Viewing with a Purpose

Individually: As you watch this video, jot down three to five words, phrases, or concepts that stood out to you in the video as imperative to creating a contemporary classroom culture.

Table Talk: After the video, share your ideas with your colleagues at your table, and come to consensus on two to three words or phrases that summarize the group's discussion.

Wordle: 21st Century Classroom

Additional Resources

Harry Wong's Classroom Management Tips

Cooperative Learning Group Role Cards

Google Image Search for Rubrics for Ideas


Deep Dive into Understanding Rubrics from IAR

Developing Positive Student-Teacher Relationships

Activity: Cultivating Classroom Chemistry

  1. Take a few moments and read the article 14 Ways to Cultivate Classroom Chemistry.

  2. Complete a 3-2-1 on the article, and use the chart paper on your table to collect the information from each person in a manner your team deems most appropriate..

    • 3 - most important words

    • 2 - big ideas

    • 1 - summarizing statement

Culture is the Key

Watch as Jen Saul shares her philosophy on creating classroom culture and some of the techniques she uses with her students in East Palo Alto, California.

Activity: Six-Step Partner Question

six step partners.JPG

Find a six-step partner and share your response to this question:

  • What are you doing to create a classroom culture conducive to 21st century learning? (May include tools, activities, procedures, etc.) If you are an administrator or coach, what best practices are you using to support teachers as they strive to create a classroom culture conducive to 21st century learning?

Return to your seat, and share resources/websites/tools to support the development of a 21st century classroom by collaborating on this Google Form.

Share out what you learned with your table group.

Review the Google Form to see if there are any questions about any of the ideas listed.

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“The resources provided during the course of this NCDPI training have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing resources available, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive resources for the purposes outlined during this training."